Private Parties







All of our PRIVATE parties include:

An HOUR and a HALF of playtime (30 minutes at the beginning; 1 hour following room time)

Use of your private room for an HOUR.

All themed decorations and table settings.

Pizza and soft drink (quantity depending on package).

Smiley T-Shirt as a gift for the Birthday Star && one voucher for ice cream and a balloon.

Admission & Smiley socks for all kids included on the guest list. 

Packages and Pricing

* Prices do not include 7% tax and 6% service fee!

Updated on    4/12/2021

                                                                                                                                                           Mon- Thur                                        Fri- Sun


SMILEY 10: Includes 1 large pizza, party-sized waffle fries && 2 drink pitchers            $275                                $325

SMILEY 15: Includes 2 large pizzas && 3 drink pitchers                                          $375                                $425

SMILEY 20: Includes 3 large pizzas && 4 drink pitchers                                          $475                                $525

SMILEY 25: Includes 4 large pizzas && 5 drink pitchers                                          $575                                $625

 All private parties must be booked ONLINE or IN PERSON at Smiley. A 10% deposit is required upon booking! 

Parties must be paid IN FULL by check or cash at least 24 hours prior to party day!


          Regular party bookings are reactivated, please click here to book

DinoLand closed for remodeling

We're now hosting the whole facility private parties.

Please call Courtney at (574) 242-2276 for availability. 

(Events are booked 3 days in advance, the private party doesn't include food and drinks)

Hours available for whole facility rentals. 







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